Contaminated Land Rehab

As an alternative to lifting and disposing of large volumes of polluted soil, Spill Tech provides advanced on-site contaminated land rehab (ex-situ and in-situ bioremediation). This is currently one of the most cost-effective and safe solutions available to manage large volumes of contaminated land. In-situ treatment can result in considerable cost savings in the transport and disposal of contaminated soil and minimize the environmental impact.

Spill Tech also offers treatment, transportation, and disposal services for stockpiles in South Africa. Our considerable experience with large remediation projects, contaminated soil disposal, in-situ treatment of hydrocarbon-contaminated soil, and job site management gives us a great advantage over competitors.

  • Polluted soil management
  • Polluted soil treatment
  • Excavations and remediation
  • In-situ soil remediation
  • Treatment of soil with Biotreat
  • Sample testing and reporting