Job Purpose

To be the first contact in case of emergencies and to inform the relevant key holders within the company. To ensure constant monitoring, communication, record keeping and co-ordination is maintained with all sites, technicians and drivers.


Responsible For

  • Monitor WhatsApp groups and Emails for requests, assistance, information, or updates with all relevant people added to the group.
  • Extract all information from WhatsApp groups, ensure all movements are correctly captured and clear for the next shift to understand.
  • Ensure detailed handover is created and completed for the next shift to clearly understand.
  • Open internal and wages WhatsApp groups for Johannesburg operational sites.
  • Open required WhatsApp groups and add necessary persons. Post the problem reported and provide support if required.
  • Add the problem in the national problem register, allocate to the region and ensure that the problem number is allocated back to the group.
  • Update regional registers daily.
  • Close off all problems groups that are requested to close.
  • Load internal system for technicians / responders attending sites.
  • Ensure Internal System is loaded daily with the planned daily duties of technicians.
  • Ensure internal and wage groups are opened for operations.
  • Assist technicians who have difficulties with internal system.
  • Book accommodation for technicians staying over.
  • Ensure jobs for the day are complete in full detail on the internal system.
  • Monitor cameras for the different regions to ensure depots are safe; guards are visible and on patrol.
  • Monitor depots and sites and know who is operating after hours.
  • Report unsafe acts to SHEQ via WhatsApp groups.
  • Complete P&I spreadsheets for the day with information. Record vehicles that were used for the client on that day. Provide tracking reports from tracking sites as attestation.
  • Complete call out sheets for new jobs that came in during shift.
  • Complete the fuel recon for the day. Ensure all necessary documents and slips are captured.
  • Complete the Vehicle checklist daily.
  • Vehicles tracking at regular intervals, with precise record keeping.
  • Complete Asset Register Daily with correct information taken from the groups.
  • Complete JMPs for technicians that are travelling distance. Ensure enough stops are added for the driver to rest.
  • Know all truck movements. Controllers are required to know exactly what job each truck is carrying out, and the location to go to and from.
  • Record all movements in the truck movements schedule. Complete truck movements in detail.
  • Monitor vehicles on the tracking system to ensure vehicles are safe and being driven correctly.
  • Spot check on vehicles movement on tracking, to ensure vehicles are where they need to be.
  • Check vehicle screens to ensure tracking is updating.
  • Update tracking app with new information.
  • Create EPOs for purchases made for that day.
  • Scan, capture and email the EPOs captured for the day and ensure personnel have received them on time.
  • Issue fuel purchase orders to staff filling up (Ensure the staff member posts a clear picture of the slip the fleet number and a picture of their odometer).


Minimum Requirements:

  • 2-4 years of experience in the field or in a related area is an advantage.
  • Computer Literate.
  • Microsoft Excel.
  • Cell Phone and Mobile Application Literacy.
  • Matric (Advantageous).
  • Telephone Etiquette providing customer service to internal and external stakeholders.



  • Suit candidate available immediately.
  • Fixed Term Contract.