Spill Protect

Pollution? Spill? Exposed?

Introducing The Spill Protect Plan

Spill Tech and Envirosure are proud to introduce an industry first: the Spill Protect Plan™. This revolutionary 3-in-1 plan, incorporating risk management, insurance and claims management, has been developed to ensure that businesses are not at risk when an incident occurs.

The Spill Protect Plan™ is designed as a complete environmental impairment management solution to provide:
• Expert advice on risk assessment and incident prevention in your business process
• Immediate response to any environmental incidents
• Access to insurance specialists who will handle all the legalities and oftentimes complex paperwork related to your claims

For more information, contact your insurance broker and ask for the Spill Protect Plan™ from Envirosure by name, or visit

The Spill Protect Plan™: Top 10 Benefits

• Hazcall24: 24-hour Call Centre and Incident Management Control Room
• Guaranteed immediate response
• National response footprint by ISO certified skilled responders
• Live updates – accurate incident record keeping
• Spill Tech discounts offered on related services
• Compliance reporting support
• Risk management – training, emergency exercises, spill kits
• Responders have a vested interest in the clean-up
• Wide range of cover with VAPs
• Exceptional claims settlement reputation