Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning covers the scheduled cleaning of factories, utilities and storage facilities by the most effective and appropriate means. Spill Tech technicians are highly skilled and operate advanced cleaning machinery such as ultra high pressure cleaners, air operated diaphragm pumps, custom built wet dry vacuum trucks, skip trucks, hook-lift trucks and multipurpose industrial cleaning equipment containers. Spill Tech services the following industries: oil and chemical manufacturers, goods transporters, shipping, rail networks, factories, municipalities, mining, power utilities and more. Safety in the workplace and on-site comes first and all jobs are assessed and supervised by our SHEQ department.

Asbestos removal and demolition

Spill Tech is a Department of Labour approved Asbestos removal contractor. Trained staff work under the supervision of an approved inspection authority and in compliance with all occupational Health and Safety Act regulations. Asbestos is safely removed, transported and disposed of at an approved waste disposal facility and certificates of safe disposal are issued. Our asbestos removal scope includes roof sheeting, ceilings, fibrous asbestos, cladding, insulation, pipes and other asbestos construction materials.

Bulk storage and tank cleaning

The cleaning of bulk storage tanks is a highly specialised field that requires expertise and experience in order to ensure that the work is conducted effectively and safely. Spill Tech has accumulated vast equipment resources to enable us to enter and clean a variety of bulk storage tank designs. Our in house dedicated SHEQ team will ensure compliance and safety of work every time.

Confined space cleaning

This high risk specialized cleaning process is often used when cleaning culverts, tanks, vessels, silos and pipes. Our hazmat team are well trained to clear blockages, remove and clean contaminated product or simply clean tanks and vessels in preparation for inspection or repairs. Spill Tech’s confined space entry procedure has been developed with ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 in consideration - ensuring that functions and tasks are carried out with the highest degree of safety.

Fire debris removal

Spill Tech effectively manages restoration of flood and fire-fighting water affected industrial premises, commercial properties and maritime environments. Containment, recovery and disposal of contaminated flood and fire-fighting water is a priority. Safety is paramount and all our work meets health and safety legislative requirements. Spill Tech will decontaminate, remove and dispose of fire damaged stock and equipment.

High pressure cleaning

Spill Tech has a range of mobile high pressure cleaners that can power clean almost anything - tanks, sumps, boilers and separators. Our 750bar HP Cleaner is ideal for stubborn build up and surface cleaning after major spills.

Transfers and upliftments

Spill Tech provides a 24 hour pumping service for hazardous and non-hazardous product transfers and up-liftments. Utilising specialised pumps, Spill Tech is able to safely transfer hydrocarbons and chemicals from road tankers, above and underground storage tanks and fuel service stations. Spill Tech’s range of pumps can handle flammable, corrosive, toxic and food grade substances.

Tank excavation and decommissioning

Spill Tech is your one-stop-shop for the excavation and disposal of tanks and deadstock. Our skilled, experienced personnel work to extremely high safety standards. Off-site work can be done where there are space constraints, and customers can enjoy peace of mind that the tanks are not being refurbished and resold into the market. Tanks can also be taken off-site to undergo hydrocutting. Hydrocutting is an abrasive cutting process that uses high-pressure water to cut virtually any material. It is a safer alternative to hot cutting, involves no heat or distortion, and the edge finish is smooth as opposed to the rough edges left by flame cutting.